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School Safety And Security

With an increase in accidents and harassment, safety in schools is of utmost importance and has become a concern in today’s world. The growing number of assaults and accidents have become a constant worry for parents. A safe and secure atmosphere in school makes way for an effective teaching and learning environment. Apart from providing education, a school should take it upon itself to provide a safe environment for its students and teachers.
What is school safety?
School safety refers to the provision of a safe environment in schools where measures are taken to protect the students from bullying, harassment, violence and substance usage. There are certain measures that are taken to protect teachers from harassment or assault. School safety can also mean safety in case of any disaster.
school safety in DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur) :

1.Safety enables learning
A child will be able to focus on learning only when he/she feels safe in the learning environment. Hence, it is important to ensure the provision of a safe environment.
2.Protection of student and staff

School safety is important to protect the student and staff in a school from abuse or any other sort of violence.

 There are various kinds of safety that DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur ensure for its students:
1.Fire safety
The school is equipped with fire extinguishers and sand buckets. It also mark the fire exits for easy escape during a fire.
2.Disaster safety
The school building built to handle any disaster. A mock drill must be conducted on a regular basis to teach the students on how to act during any disaster
3.Digital safety
Digital safety indicates internet safety. As the school is equipped with technology and internet, objectionable content and sites is be blocked to ensure no one accesses such contents.
4.Health and hygiene
Health and hygiene play a crucial role in the well-being of a child. The DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur) is equipped with a medical center for immediate first aid.
5.Safety against harassment
In today’s world, the number of harassment cases in schools have increased. The authorities in the DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur)  ensures the establishment of a cell to address such issues.
6.Safety against alcohol or drugs being sold around the school
As per the high court ruling, there is no liquor shops established anywhere at a range of 100 meters near the school. The school ensure a security system that monitors any activity outside the school.
What DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur) has done to ensure safety?
1.CCTV Cameras in and around the school

CCTV cameras is installed in the school premises and around the vicinity of the school.
2.Vigilance around the premises
The school hired security personnel to monitor the surroundings and activities happening outside the school.
3.Background verification of teachers before appointment
The DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur has put in a system of background verification before appointing new teachers. This help us in choosing the right teachers.
4.A counselling cell with parents
The DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur) also form a counselling cell with parents on it, to counsel and handle issues pertaining to child abuse.


The DPS - Dholi (Muzaffarpur)  conduct drills for disaster management. It also train the children on self-defense. Workshops to create awareness on the increasing number of child abuse cases can be conducted.